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Kansas Looking To Go Greener

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Kansas is hoping to add 10,000 more “green” jobs in the next 2 years, reports Bloomberg Businessweekkansasflag_160x120.  This would add to the approximately 20,000 jobs the state has on record in that sector.  The Bloomberg post is based on the results of a recently published survey conducted by Kansas the Kansas Department of Labor.  The report predicts that the field of renewable energy will grow significantly in the coming few years.  Increase in jobs in energy efficiency tops the list as well.

With this seeming potential for thousands upon thousands of new jobs in a relatively new and rapidly growing market – a market that needs, above all, to be tapped nationally and soon – the question that begs to be answered is who will fill these new jobs?  What will these new jobs be like?  Will there be training for those that have lost jobs and need to start over?  Will the green market be the exclusive purview of a new generation or an industry that draws on all strata of American society?

The “green” economy and job market still remain a bit nebulous to most. The mindset and know how – the defining of what a “green” economy is – need to be developed now in order to begin what is truly a paradigm shift in our nation.  Above all, in order to be successful the idea must be accepted by and open to all Americans.

Kansas Looking To Go Greener by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes