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Pristine Pharma Plant Relocated to Massena, New York

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NuMedPristine Pharma Corp., makers of the NuMed brand, is relocating its manufacturing to Massena, New York. Around 100 new jobs are expected to be created after the relocation is completed.

The new location being close to Canada and having access to the St. Lawrence Seaway appealed to the company’s plans for distributing both to Canada and overseas markets in Russia and Ukraine.

“We like the building,” said CEO Venkat E. Kakani. “It can be quickly converted into a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.”

The positions looking to be filled include: chemists, pharmacists, skilled engineers, and assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution workers.

The company is a manufacturer of liquid medicines which are distributed in stores, such as cough syrups and pain relievers.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes