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New Target for Advertisement

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In the past ten years, advertising has changed a lot and has come a long way. Years ago, the ideal way to advertise for a company, business, or brand was to put an ad on a billboard, make a commercial for the product, or put an ad in the newspaper or magazines. Times are changing for advertisements. With the advancements in technology, more people are using the Internet and advertisers are definitely taking advantage of this.

Advertising for certain products has become especially easy for advertisers. With social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, it is easy for advertisers to find out information about consumers and then provide them with ads that fit their specific wants, needs, and likes. For example, Facebook has the option for users to display their marital status. When a user sets their marital status up as engaged, advertisers for wedding companies and products can take advantage of this and send out the necessary advertisements to people who fit the criteria of being engaged or close to getting married.

Another way that advertisers are using social networking sites to target consumers is by figuring out what they already like. For example, on Facebook, users can “like” certain things. If a user chooses to like a specific movie or product, advertisements for similar products will display. This is not only happening on Facebook and other social networking sites, it also happens on sites like On, when a consumer makes a purchase, the website will often make recommendations for the user. The recommendations usually say, “If you liked this product, you may want to try this other product.” This type of advertising seems to benefit companies who are looking for consumers to buy and try their products.

Advertising has transformed drastically in the past few years and expected to continue to transform and expand. With all of the advances in technology, the Internet is easily accessible for just about anyone. People can check their social networking websites from their home, from the store, while they are in the car, just about anywhere. Because so many people rely on this social networking site for fun and entertainment, companies who advertise on these sites are likely to have major success with their advertisements.

It is expected that advertising will not only continue to change and transform within the next thirty years, it is also expected that the transformations will come at a rapid pace. Changes are constantly being made with technology, with social networking sites, and with the Internet itself. Advertisers want to make sure that they get the most out of their advertisements and using social networking sites is the way to go.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes