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Time to Look At HR Processes

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A new trend is taking place in the workforce. Many companies are hiring part time or contract workers instead of the old stable full time worker. While this has been beneficial to some companies it is not a great way to go says some analysts. Due to the social media changes and the companies ideas of growing in other countries this has affected how they hire employees. One observation is that those who are hired on full time will be more vested in the company. They will be more focused on the work and more willing to do what is necessary than a part time or sometimes contract employee. Another factor to consider is the way they are getting paid. Is it really streamlining HR processes when one half of the company is paid in one way and the other half is paid in a completely different one. The full time employees would be more vested in the companies future as well.

Businesses are also wanting to go global in many ways. This can be a problem if you try to put an employee from another country inside a China based office. They will not know the language or the cost structure and your business could flop quickly. You must hire those who know the country and the business structure there to be successful.

Social media has also changed the way that people are hired now. With Facebook some employees are using their connections to refer potential employees to their companies. There are also companies that are forbidding their employees from using the site while at work but they have benefited and invested millions in the site. A great trend in the best companies today are those that encourage their employees to engage in the social media. They refer their friends, former coworkers and family members to recruiters and help both their job and their connections. Those that work for companies that allow that feel more trust for the company they are working for and thus will be more likely to stay for the long haul. Companies that are the most successful are those that have discovered the vast amount of benefits coming from using the social media and networking sites.

HR has to take a different place in the field than it currently has. In the past the ration of HR managers to employees was closer to 60 to 1. Now you see numbers such as 350 to or even 250 to 1. A successful relationship with HR and the employees can not be managed properly with that type of ration. It is time that HR took a more hands on approach and learn how to manage properly the employees it has. The company benefits by having less turn over and the employees benefit by feeling they are heard by the people who can do something.

Time to Look At HR Processes by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes