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How the HR Department Changed in the Last Ten Years

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Summary: The responsibilities of those in HR have changed dramatically from the time that computers were barely used to the time where computers are the sole source of work.

Think back to what the HR lady used to be like. Her desk was probably covered in paper clips, post-it notes, staples, rubber bands, and other office supplies. She may have been a little hard of hearing due to constantly being next to fax machines and Dot-Matrix printers. A common excuse you would hear: “Sorry that memo didn’t get to you on time…copy machine’s broken, again.” And you can’t forget the suggestion box!

Now think about what the HR department takes care of now. They walk around equipped with Bluetooth so that they never miss a phone call. Emails are sent frequently that are short and to the point. The HR personnel keep employees up-to-date through Twitter and LinkedIn. Their smartphone has every available time management app downloaded.

With so many changes in how HR can accomplish their tasks, they are able to take on more responsibilities and streamline the processes of hiring, employee relations, safety, development, and compensation and benefits. There are more technical laws and regulations than there were ten years ago so HR has to be able to stay on top of their game to not miss anything.


How the HR Department Changed in the Last Ten Years by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin