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Siemens Plans on Hiring Hundreds of Veterans

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The Siemens Company recently made an announcement which stated that the company will commit to hiring at least 300 veterans during 2012. This announcement was first made by the CEO of Siemens Government Technologies, Judy Marks, who was excited to make the announcement about the commitment to hire hundreds of veterans.

Mike Panigel, the Senior Vice President of Human Resource for the Siemens Corporation, has said, “Siemens is in the enviable position of being at the forefront of job growth in this country and we have our choice of the best talent out there.” He also says, “We are extremely proud of our work with Joining Forces and this additional commitment reflects the fact that the technical training and advanced skills sets that veterans bring to the workforce are a perfect match for Siemens. Having these brave and talented men and women join our team will make our company stronger for years to come.”

The Secretary of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, Eric K. Shinseki, is very excited that Siemens will be hiring at least 300 more veterans. He says, “Veterans make great leaders and great employees.” He concluded by saying, “So congratulations to Siemens for more than doubling your pledge to hire veterans, and military family members this past year. And thank you for your commitment today to hire an additional 300 veterans in the coming months.”

Siemens first participate in the launch of Joining Forces in April of 2011. Joining Forces is an initiative of the White House which was designed to honor those who have served for our country. With the initiative in place, companies can pledge to hire veterans as a means of helping these individuals, who fought hard for the country, find the employment that they have been seeking for such a long time. Siemens pledged to open 3,000 positions within the company for veterans and actually exceeded the set goal within three short months. In 2011 alone, the company hired nearly 650 veterans.

The veterans are typically hired for a number of different positions within the Siemens Company. Such positions include Energy, Industry and Healthcare sectors, Field Engineers, Sales, Marketing, and much more. Many of these jobs have competitive salaries as well.

Aside from hiring these veterans in a time where the economy is still working on a recovery after such a crippling recession, Siemens is also helping veterans transition from military life back to civilian life so that they will have a better time with their new job. Siemens has been providing training for these veterans and has even created the Siemens Veterans Network, which consists of over 400 members who support veterans. The company provides tons of support to veterans who have recently been hired and to the veterans who are looking for employment.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes