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Top 10 Most Popular Granted Employer Articles of 2017

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Summary: Learn which articles were the ten most popular this year for those in human resources and hiring.

Employers and human resources departments have a lot to learn when it comes to employee management and satisfaction. These popular articles provide companies with the tips and advice they need to make their teams productive and successful.

  1. The 6 Top Benefits Millennials Are Asking For

The Millennial generation has different expectations and preferences from their companies. The kinds of benefits they want to see offered by their work is different from previous generations. In order to keep the new workforce interested in your company and satisfied with their job, consider offering these benefits.

  1. Beat Down Conflict with These 9 Indispensable Rules

Conflicts arise everywhere, especially within the close working conditions in an office or another working environment. Learn how to get a handle on the situations before they get out of control by setting rules to follow.

  1. 24 Ways to Help Your Employees Get Control of Their Stress

Stress can be a killer to a productive workforce. Stress can cause your employees to be less productive and a toxic member of the company. Don’t let your employees suffer from the effects of stress. Provide them with these tips on how to handle stress.

  1. How to Help New Employees Through the First 90 Days

New employees transitioning into their new role can get lost in all of the new policies and procedures being dumped on them to learn. Help your employees feel welcomed and comfortable with your company as they navigate the first few months of work.

  1. Top 10 Ways to Effectively Manage a Team

Manage your team so that it is made up of successful, engaged and committed members. Follow these tips such as learning how your employees learn, what motivates them, knowing their goals and more to get more value out of your employees.

  1. 12 Traits of a Great Boss

Employees want to have a boss that is not only extraordinary but kind. They need bosses that encourage them to succeed and to help each other. Learn what traits make a great boss so that you can learn where you may be falling short.

  1. 4 Types of Bad Managers and How to Deal with Them

Learn about the micromanager, the mushroom, the savior, and the seagull style of management so that you can recognize when a boss has one of these styles. When you understand their management style, you will be better prepared to deal with it and make it work if necessary. Also, learn about what traits managers should have to be effective leaders.

  1. 20 Ways to Show Employee Recognition

Employees like to be recognized for their hard work. Use the ideas in this popular article to show your employees that you notice their achievements and want others to know you are a valuable member of the team.

  1. What Kind of Manager Are You?

There are two kinds of supervisors – a boss and a leader. Learn the differences between the two leadership styles and why one is better than the other if you want to have a successful team.

  1. Seeking ‘People’ People: A Look at Careers in HR

Human resources personnel have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to supporting a successful team. Learn more about what the field of human resources requires and is like on a daily basis.



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Authored by: Amanda Griffin