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When to Visit Human Resources

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Summary: Human Resource employees are able and willing to provide more resources to employees than just tax forms.

Did you know Human Resources provide more than just hiring and firing services at a company? The only time we generally visit human resources outside of being hired or fired is to get work verification forms and other tax paperwork. Here are some other uses that Human Resources personnel can help you with that you probably weren’t even aware of.

  • Help navigate personal challenges

HR is able to help with personal problems like stress, divorce or other family related conflicts, or substance-abuse. If they are not able to help you personally, they will know who you need to go to for help.

  • Help navigate your career

HR can help you understand what it takes to work towards a specific position within the company that you have your eye on. They know the requirements for the job and what will make the right fit. They will be able to give you advice to how you need to market yourself and make a promotion to the job possible. Some can even provide training resources or financial assistance for education to make the promotion possible if you ask.

  • Help mediate

Conflicts happen everywhere. While it would be hoped that any problems could be worked out between coworkers, that is not always the case. HR is able to step in and be a moderator towards a plan that can work for both parties.

  • Help implement your ideas

HR is generally responsible for keeping the morale of employees up but as an employee, you know first-hand what is working and what isn’t. If you have ideas of what might work better, sit down with your HR to present your ideas.

  • Help find a mentor

You may be a new hire that is having troubles adjusting or mid-career and weighted down by new responsibilities, either way you need advice from someone that is more experienced. Go to HR and they can help you transition with a formal or informal mentor to give advice, support, or just someone to talk to talk as a friend.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin