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Green Employment and the Economy

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It seems as though green employment is doing exceptionally well, helping to boost the economy as well. The state of California was dealing with a 7 percent job loss for the state from the period of January 2009 through January of 2010. However, while there was a large loss of jobs, green economy in the area only lost about 3 percent.

The report, which has been called the Many Shades of Green Report, showed that at the beginning of 2010, there were about 169,800 green jobs available. This was a decrease from the 174,800 available jobs the year before. The manufacturing sector was accountable for nearly 27 percent of the jobs that were lost, and nearly 10 percent of the entire jobs lost for the state of California.

While there was still some decrease, the green economy in San Joaquin Valley managed to expand by 22 percent within the span of 15 years, from 1995 until 2010. The green economy has not only produced thousands of jobs but has also created many new businesses, which allows more people to find employment within the green economy.

Nearly 21 percent of the green employment in San Joaquin Valley has to do with recycling and waste. This shows that there has been a growth of about 31 percent, totaling to nearly 510 new available jobs, within the past decade and a half.

Employment for the generation of energy had increased by 3 percent within the region and solar employment expanded as well, by at least 6 percent. It makes sense, especially because so many people are going solar and the demand for solar technology installation is very high right now.

And, within the past 15 years, in San Joaquin Valley, employment relating to clean transportation did more than double; it actually tripled its amount since 1995.

Different areas in California, including San Diego and Sacramento, had a loss of about 2 percent of green jobs. And, even with a small loss, reports show that the green industry is thriving and that certain aspects of the green industry are expected to continue to rise. Such aspects include advanced material, clean transportation, and energy generation, all of which have seen plenty of growth and will likely see more growth within the next year.

In California, the overall green economy grew by a little over 50 percent throughout the span of 15 years, from 1995 until 2010. In Sacramento, green employment grew by a whopping 113 percent. The Bay area saw a growth of 76 percent. Both San Diego and Orange County saw an increase in of 65 and 62 percent.

The report suggests that the green economy will continue to thrive, especially as the demand of natural resources becomes higher.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes