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Super Bowl Advertisements: Huge Success with Car Shoppers

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The Jumpstart Automotive Group made an announcement about the different automotive companies that advertised during the Super Bowl and their gains since the airing of their advertisements throughout the Super Bowl, which took place on February 5th.  After all, this televised sports event is the most watched television program of the year, with nearly 111 million viewers tuning in to watch the big game. With such a large audience, automotive companies decided to make a strategic move and display advertisements which would be viewed by millions of people, all different types of audiences, at one particular moment. And, for some of these companies, this move was a fantastic decision.

The analysis from Jumpstart Automotive Group compared the traffic of different automotive websites throughout Sunday and Monday, the day of the Super Bowl and the day immediately after the Super Bowl. There were three cars in particular, the Acura NSX, the Chevrolet Sonic, and the Fiat 500, that received the greatest gain in the number of shoppers within the span of a week, after the advertisements was displayed during the Super Bowl. The Acura NSX saw an increase of 479 percent while the Chevrolet Sonic saw an increase of 182 percent and the Fiat 500 saw an increase of just about 249 percent. The Hyundai Veloster, along with the Volkswagen Beetle, also did exceptionally well during and after the Super Bowl.

And, along with an increase in visitors to these different automotive websites, traffic headed to automotive websites via mobile usage also increased by at least 33 percent during the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Visitors of the Jumpstart’s website with the use of an iPhone had actually increased by 44 percent, along with a 16 percent increase via iPads during the Super Bowl.

Libby Murad-Patel, who works for Jumpstart’s Strategic Insights division, believes that the automobile advertising was such a huge success during the super Bowl this year. She also says that this particular game was much bigger for automakers than it was just a few years before, especially during the Great Recession in which many people were not even shopping for cars because they were busy dealing with a lack of employment. Just two years ago, there was a huge collapse within the automotive industry but now, things are definitely looking up.

The Jumpstart Automotive Group and its Super Bowl Auto Advertise Study has highlighted the top five vehicles to have the largest gain during the Super Bowl on Sunday, the day after the game, and the entire week after the game.

As a way of promoting for their automobiles, most automotive companies were releasing shorter versions of their commercials as a means of engaging consumers and getting them intrigued to see the rest of the commercial, which would be aired during the game.

Super Bowl Advertisements: Huge Success with Car Shoppers by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes