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Obama Promises More Jobs for Youth

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President Barack Obama recently made a move that will be appealing for the younger generation of voters come election time, which will take place in November of 2012. The Obama Administration has recently announced that it will be assisting youth, especially those who come from low-income families, to find summer jobs as a way of helping them to earn an income while also keeping them away and off of the streets.

This initiative coming from the Administration has already partnered up with several cities, which includes Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Chicago and will be adding hundreds and thousands of available jobs and internships for youth, which is something that is vital, as many youth that come from low-income families end up getting themselves into trouble, involved in the wrong things, simply because they have a hard time finding the employment that they need.

Mayor Michael Nutter, they mayor of Philadelphia, announced that there has already been commitments made from nearly one hundred different companies and non-profits who will be providing summer jobs to the city’s youth. Most of the jobs will be paid positions while some may include internships and mentorships, which will still keep the youth busy and productive. Mentorships and internships also look good on resumes, which is also crucial.

President Obama made an announcement, stating that during the month of January, his administration asked that both the private sectors and public sectors come together to help address some of these unemployment concerns amongst the country’s youth. He was proud to announce that many cities, agencies, and organizations are working with one another as a way of opening the doors for the youth in America, helping them to find work and opportunities that will keep them busy and teach them about the skills they need to have to hold down a steady job. There is a large list of companies and organizations, which continues to grow, that are making positions available to the youth in this country. Companies and organizations realize how important it is to help the youth find employment, not just for a source of income but also to help them feel a sense of dignity about their own abilities.

The announcement was made just a few months ago but tons of companies are already working on the challenge that the President has set up, making plenty of summer jobs and various opportunities available to youth. There are a number of different career websites that have already been set up for the youth in this country, so that they can find out more about these growing opportunities that are being made. There are also several apps that have been made about the President’s challenge as well.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes