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Hospital System and Identity Management

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An idea for identity management would generally be to centralize a particular role based on one particular control system, a system that would support SSO, known a single sign on, for applications that would relate to the human resources systems and basically all aspects of human resource. A system like this, which sounds particularly ideal, is something that cannot just be completed in a day. In fact, it usually cannot be put together at all but even if it does, it surely will take some time. Health Quest has decided to pursue this type of identity management.

This has basically become a project for Health Quest, which has already cost about seven figures and is taking a few years to be completed. It is definitely a longer commitment, not just a short-term type of thing. With such commitment to the identity management, there has been a lot of success for Health Quest and the information that the security controls provide, especially information that pertains to the thousands of employees, which includes physicians, all of whom often use Health Quest resources.

Because of a USB interface, badges that the medical staffs members have to wear while they are at work will also be able to be authorized on all the computers within the hospital. The computers are usually set up in a kiosk type of setting, reaching directly to the control point of SSO, which is basically the identity manager. The identity manager is basically a way for the employees to be able to get access to the applications on the computer; this includes all types of medical records for different patients. It is safer to have these records accessed through a computer, in which only medical personnel will have access to such records.

There are a lot of different advantages when it comes down to this system. For example, whenever employee changes occur, it is quite easy to revise and make edits to the computer system for Health Quest. In fact, such changes can be completed in absolutely no time at all. And, the system ties right on in with the human resources system. There is an ongoing project going on with Health Quest, in which the process is to basically refine any access to billing systems and stuff that has to do with the office part of business. This would come in favor to billing specialists who work in this particular area. The general idea right now is to enhance the access control that is currently being used.

The identity management projects are ideal and are supposed to simplify all operation of IT instead of causing more of a burden and hassle, especially since it is directly linked to the human resources applications for Health Quest. It also adds to the security of personal files.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes