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Off-The-Cuff Remarks That Analyst’s Say, Could Be Job-Shredding

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A colleague’s insensitive and inconsiderate response or a blatantly prejudiced behavior on the part of your boss or your superiors can provoke the most composed worker to drop his guard and say the wrong thing. Once the words escape your lips the damage has been done and they stick.

There are a handful of phrases that reflect poorly on the speaker and it is really surprising when they come out of the mouths of otherwise sane and successful people. Analysts agree that these phrases could lead to a worker’s termination from their jobs.

The first phrase is, “I don’t think anything can be done in this matter?”  It means you’ve given up on the possibility of bringing the work to a desired conclusion. Your employer will not see it as you having exhausted every possible solution but that you are a liar and that you are lazy. Two qualities that are negative in the extreme and which, far from giving you a promotion or a raise, will put a question mark against your continuance at the workplace.

Suppose there is a possibility that there really is nothing that you can do, would it be possible for you to tell what all you have done so far that you reached that conclusion. A truly good worker, who is committed will keep on trying or seek the help of someone who can do something. By using this phrase, the message that goes across that you are feeble, give up easily, and lack all creativity and effectiveness. You have not been employed to be lethargic and unproductive, so if you want to keep your job, refrain from using this phrase.

The second dangerous phrase to use at the workplace is “Why only me? I am being discriminated against.”  If you find yourself believing that you are being prejudiced against, grow up and smell the coffee. The other got the raise, because he deserved it more than you. The world is full of discriminatory ways. If you are complaining about something that is minor and inconsequential it will sound like that you are whining and that you are cantankerous. No one likes such people. Don’t think that you are being discriminated against, face the competition and deserve your place at the workplace.

The third phrase is ”This just cannot be done.” Analysts say that there are two types of employees those who find ways to do work and those who find excuses about why they cannot be done. The latter not only don’t do things, but also dissuade and discourage those who want to innovate and find creative ways and ideas to do work that conventional ways have failed to do. Don’t think that a work is impossible to do, but try to find ways to do make it possible. Persevere, never give up, at least you’ll be seen as someone who is willing to take risks and persist.

The fourth phrase is “ How I wish….” Why are you wishing, you are not there to wish, want, or hope, you are there to make things happens. You are there to assess the situation, exercise control over situations and ensure that things get done, not indulge in philosophical hope’s and want’s, just adopting an ostrich like attitude and wishing for difficult situations to vanish, is not the right attitude to adopt. It shows you as indolent and ineffectual.

The fifth phrase is used by employees when things don’t work out the way they should have and instead of taking responsibility and learning from their mistakes they try to cover up their shortcoming saying, “But this is the way, I have always seen it done.”  In one sentence, you are sending the message that you are not resourceful, lethargic, cloistered in your mind, obstinate, and ineffective and an excuse finder.

One of the worst things that you can say is “That’s not my job.” If somebody asks you to do something or help them with something it is a compliment. Moreover, you may need their help, then what. No boss likes to hear these words. It reflects on your attitude and brands you as selfish and egotistic and even though they are just four simple words, they shout out that you are not a team man.

By far the worst thing that you can say and one that is certain to show you the door is, “Don’t tell anyone I said this, but … ” It shows that you cannot keep a secret and that you could get guys into trouble. Okay so you know, who got the receptionist pregnant. It’s their life and it’s their reputation, you’ll be lampooned for spreading the news. Be assured that the one you are gossiping with is gossiping about you as well.

Why do you think that these phrases could get you fired? The reason is simple; it reflects poorly on the attitude and outlook you bring to the workplace and that you will be setting a bad example for other workers. When other workers, with better attitudes, aptitudes and commitment are available options, why should the employer stick with you? Next time you open your mouth, make sure you utter the right words.

The job market is very unstable and there are hundred waiting to apply for the job that you could vacate. The last thing that you need is to make an off-the-cuff impromptu remark that could get you sacked. Even if you are not sacked; these phrases will surely ensure your ostracism from co-worker circles.

Off-The-Cuff Remarks That Analyst’s Say, Could Be Job-Shredding by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes