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5 Ways You Can Hire and Keep the Best Employees for Your Company

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hire the best employees

Summary: Cut back on how often you are hiring new employees by doing it right the first time and keeping the company a place that people want to work at.

Many companies make the mistake of not hiring until they desperately need the help. This results in the company hiring staff as quickly as possible without properly screening candidates. Hiring and training new employees takes time, which takes money. Don’t let your company make the mistake of just hiring anyone off the street.

  1. Start looking for new employees before you actually need them. As resumes come in, you can begin sorting them to find the best-qualified candidates for the position you will need filled. When the time comes to fill a spot, you already have a list of highly talented candidates to interview.
  2. Be looking for the right qualifications and skill sets. While it is great if you can hire someone that already has experience in the same kind of position, it shouldn’t be the only thing you are looking for. Some candidates may have stronger qualifications but no actual experience in the same position. Here are some skills to look for: ability to work in a team, ability to make decisions and solve problems, ability to communicate verbally with others inside and out of the company, ability to obtain and process information, technical knowledge related to the job, ability to organize and prioritize work, ability to analyze quantitative data, proficiency with related computer software programs, ability to influence others, and ability to create and edit written reports.
  3. Ask the right questions during interviews to learn more about what the candidate is like in real life. Here are five questions you can ask: What activities energize and drain you? What accomplishment are you most proud of and why? How would you rank financial gain, power and influence, autonomy, lifestyle, affiliation, competence, intellectual challenge, and recognition? What do you want your legacy to be? Where do you see yourself in five years or ten years?
  4. To get the best candidates, you will have to pay above market value. Be prepared to pay out the money in order to attract the best options. This can include rewards in the form of benefits and bonuses.
  5. Motivation is a big part of keeping your employees. Money is not everything. Many employees are motivated by their work. Provide the kind of projects that they will want to work on. Keep employees that everyone enjoys working with. Maintain a style of leadership that people want to work under. Keep a positive atmosphere going in the company.

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5 Ways You Can Hire and Keep the Best Employees for Your Company by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin