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Bank of America Survey Shows Small Business Owners Are Healthier, Happier, Optimistic

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Bank of America has released their yearly survey, the Small Business Owner Report, and revealed that if you are looking for a happy healthy place to work next, you might consider a small business. After all, 9 out 10 say they have taken some steps to contribute to the happiness of their workers. What’s more, they are an especially optimistic group, and small business owners seem to be happy with their businesses. More than half claimed that owning a small business has improved their health. About half felt they got got enough sleep after owning their own business, a third said they started getting more exercise, 29 percent started eating better, and 21 percent had more time to spend with their spouses.

“We’re encouraged by the insights found in our most recent report and will continue to provide small business owners with the solutions they need for their business,” said Robb Hilson, Small Business executive of Bank of American. “Our small business experts are committed to making the financial lives of our clients and their employees better.”

Well, that’s refreshing, what with the news of large business owners such as Wal-Mart tearing into the souls of their own employees.

What it would be nice to see is for more tax incentives and economic structures to allow small businesses, and to freeze out tax-evading mega-businesses who don’t even feed back into the countries that allowed them to happen in the first place. We’d much rather see small businesses prosper.

Bank of America Survey Shows Small Business Owners Are Healthier, Happier, Optimistic by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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