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Severe Disappointment in the Job Hunt

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When you don’t have a job, and you keep applying at various places with a growing sense of dread that nobody wants you, the sense of paranoia that something is fundamentally wrong with you that makes others not want to hire you, how refreshing when an employer says the words, “You’re resume is very impressive.” The interview might even have gone extraordinarily well. You buck precaution and brag to your friends that the job is a shoo-in, you will be paying back debts in no time. You even thank God for the success.

But then they don’t call you back. At first, you tell yourself it’s no big deal, they are interviewing a lot of people. After a few weeks, you start to worry. You call them back and ask if everything is okay. You request to know if they are still as impressed with you as before. They fail to respond. They don’t call you back.

After a few months, you realize you didn’t get the job.

This happens to all of us who are in the market for a new job. Somehow, someway, a great interview that promised the world ends up giving you nothing. Or some test you are asked to give, some bit of your portfolio, or a writing sample, fails to impress when you thought you were extremely impressive. You want to call up the interviewer and get a heart-to-heart explanation. But the interviewer won’t call you back. Is he afraid of you? Can’t he tell you man-to-man why he didn’t hire you? Did he spy on your Facebook and you said something stupid? Or what was it?

When paranoia sets in, take the time to relax and just — let it go. It’s okay. Have faith that if it were the right job for you, you would have landed it. Who by worrying can add an inch to his stature? Let tomorrow worry about itself. Just don’t settle for a job that’s beneath you — know what you are worth. Don’t let frustration settle in.

Instead, take that frustration and fury and pour it back into the job hunt. You will land the right job. It is written in the stars. As with religion, we must be patient and keep the faith. Getting your hopes dashed is part of the process. Don’t take to drinking. Don’t give up. Keep trying. You may never know why you failed to get the job, but you know what?  It doesn’t matter. When you land the right job, you will forget all about those other jobs. And you will one day land the right job if only you persist. For the job, it might even be worth quitting the job you have, and don’t be afraid to turn down any offer that doesn’t match your ability and talent. Building yourself on and off the job will make these lean times go better. Remember that in all things, persistence is success.

Severe Disappointment in the Job Hunt by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes