New California Positions Lower Jobless Rate

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Despite the fact that California has one of the most struggling economies and lowest job rates in the country, things are starting to look up. The state has recently added 58,800 new job, therefore lowering their jobless rate slightly from 8.1 percent to 8 percent. While the first couple months of 2014 still saw a significant struggle in the lack of jobs for residents, there are some changes coming for April, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to the Employment Development Department in California, there is also some new momentum in the state. Economics professor Won Sohn from Cal State Channel Islands said, “California employment is coming back very nicely after a bump in the month of January. We are seeing more and more cylinders in the economic engine firing.

In January of 2014, California saw a big loss of jobs that was worrisome not only for the economy as a whole, but because of the startlingly high unemployment rate the state was already struggling with. Economists were concerned about this ongoing trend for the Golden State, but are now more optimistic, thinking that loss of jobs was nothing more than an anomaly and the job market in California would continue to grow.

Recent numbers show that California received approximately 33 percent of the jobs created in February for the country, with payroll growing to 2.2 percent which is higher than the 1.6 percent payroll for the entire country. Furthermore, about 36,000 people gained employment in February alone, showing they are encouraged by this improved job market and once again looking for work. It is giving high hopes to people who previously got so discouraged by the lack of jobs they stopped trying to find work altogether.

Shane Kennedy, a 46-year-old living in Los Angeles after moving to California from Connecticut is feeling relieved at the new jobs to choose from. He is hoping to work in the fashion industry and has previously been living off his savings. He is hoping with the stronger job market, finding a job won’t be quite as difficult as he originally suspected.

“There are enough postings out there that I am being picky about which ones to apply to and spend time on.” He said. Being choosy about what jobs to apply for is a new concept for many California residents, as just a few months ago, it was a take what you can get scenario.

The largest jump in jobs for the state was in health services and education, adding over 15,000 jobs, followed by construction with an additional 14,100 jobs. The biggest loss of jobs has been in manufacturing after they cut 2,600 positions.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes