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Post Open Jobs on Granted Today to Improve Your Talent Pool

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In order to improve your talent pool at the office, it is best to post all of the open jobs at your company on Granted. This is an excellent service for employers of all types to take advantage of immediately. The sooner you begin posting open jobs, the more likely it is that your company will receive applications and resumes from job seekers qualified for your positions.

Aside from posting the available jobs at your company on the site, you will be handed an extra bonus. The extra bonus is that the same posting will be published on more than 30 job boards across the company’s network. What makes this an even better feature is that candidates who apply to the job posting on sites other than Granted will appear in your account on the site. You will not have to go to all 30 individual sites to check the qualifications of the candidates who apply. All of their information will be sent to the account you created on Granted.

Do your best to write the most detailed job posting for the site as well. Even throw in some challenging questions for the candidates to answer. You can determine which candidates will receive a reply from your company based on how they answer the questions. This is an excellent way to weed out the most talented candidates from the less qualified ones when using Granted for job posting.

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Post Open Jobs on Granted Today to Improve Your Talent Pool by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes