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Top 7 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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What many people don’t realize is how important LinkedIn can be in the success of a career. Those who use this social media site should follow the tips outlined in this post in order to turn your LinkedIn account into a professional one that helps you get noticed by employers. We have put together a list of the top 7 ways to update your LinkedIn profile in this post.

Make Sure Your Profile Picture is Professional

LinkedIn was designed to be a professional networking website. For this reason, you should use a profile picture that is professional in nature. You can appear in the picture wearing a suit, a shirt and tie, or even your professional uniform from the industry in which you work. Make sure the picture you use does not have you cropped out of a larger group of people, even if you are wearing professional attire. Consider this; if you took the photo from your Facebook page, it is not a good one to use for your LinkedIn profile page.

All Contact Info Should be Updated

Make sure all of the contact info on the page is up-to-date so employers can get a hold of you via email or phone. It is best if you share the phone number for your cell and not a home phone number. Do not post your office phone number for two reasons; you do not want to take calls from prospective employers at your current job and people change jobs often. You do not want to have an out-of-date phone number on your profile page.

Stay Away from Unemployment

When posting on LinkedIn, do not use phrases such as ‘in transition,’ ‘seeking employment opportunities right now,’ or ‘unemployed.’ Never, ever use the briefcase icon on LinkedIn. The briefcase icon means that you are looking for a job. These phrases and icons make your status clear for employers, but it also makes you look anxious or desperate.

“Liking” Should be Selective

Update your profile regularly with insightful content related to your profession. Regular does not mean updating the profile more than six times per day though. It also does not mean that you are ‘liking’ a whole host of posts by other people on LinkedIn. Do not become a spamming person on LinkedIn. Avoid it as much as possible.

Become Engaging

Be as engaging on LinkedIn as possible. Do not just post content on your profile page and leave it at that. This is like having a conversation with someone and only talking about your interests. Talk to others on LinkedIn as much as possible. It will show that you are engaging and interesting. It will also show that you know how to interact with others.

Clean Your Profile

Make sure your profile is clean. This is not as important as when you are on Facebook and Twitter, but inappropriate content can still make its way onto your LinkedIn profile page every so often.

Build Your Network

Send requests to connect with as many people as possible on LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to build your network. Do not wait for requests to be sent to you. Connect with former classmates, co-workers, supervisors and any other people you come across who fit into your network.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo