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How to Get Hired Full Time From a Seasonal Position

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Accepting a seasonal position, whether in the summer or over the holidays, can help you earn some extra money as a temporary, part-time position. In some cases, you only took this position because you were unable to find another more permanent job, or you ended up liking the job more than you thought you would. If the season is almost over and you want to keep the job, there are some ways to prove they should hire you on as a full-time employee. Here are some helpful tips to improve your chances of being hired full-time.

Connect with Co-Workers and Clients

Every time you get the opportunity to do so, build a connection with the people you come into contact with. This can be your direct supervisor, co-workers, the human resources department, or even the vendors and clients. They will remember you and often speak highly of you to others at the company, which then improves your chances of being hired full-time. It is not unusual that a certain number of permanent positions open up at the end of the holiday season or summer, and they are simply choosing from the seasonal employees to pick and choose which is the best fit for their company.

Provide a Stellar Work Performance

During your seasonal employment, you should be working as hard as you can from beginning to end. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, others are paying attention. Whether that means arriving on time every day and never calling off sick, offering to cover other people’s shifts when they need time off, or volunteering for special projects, your supervisor is bound to take notice. It also doesn’t hurt impressing those who have a say in who gets hired on full-time.

Sell Yourself

Not only should you be impressing others with your excellent work ethic, but finding other ways to sell yourself. If the supervisor is looking for volunteers to come in on Saturdays and work overtime, by all means, do so if you’re able to. Also, keep an eye on different ways productivity could be improved in the workplace and don’t be afraid to speak up with your ideas. This type of forward thinking can get you the job.

Keep in Touch

Just because you don’t get hired before your contract is up, doesn’t mean you can’t get hired for the next full-time position that comes available even after you are no longer working there. Stay connected with co-workers and supervisors after you leave your part-time seasonal job, and ask to be informed of any permanent positions that become available. You are likely to be chosen for these jobs as they are already aware of your work performance.

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How to Get Hired Full Time From a Seasonal Position by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes