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Create a Resume Specifically for Job Relocation

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Finding a job can be difficult to begin with. Add in the fact that you want to find a job that relocates you to a different part of the country and the search can become even more daunting. You will need to have a resume that shines more than normal and that shows prospective employers that you are willing to change locations. When you think about it; companies find it easier to hire local applicants. The hiring process is much simpler. It is easier to schedule interviews and meet with the applicants’ in-person often.

The first step in creating a relocation resume is to make the fact known at the top. If you have a summary at the top of your resume, make it stand out what your goal is. You can write something like “Willing to relocate nationwide” or “Searching for a position in the Philadelphia region.” Employers will realize immediately that you are looking for a position in specific areas of the country when they open and read your resume. Another statement you can write is something like “Relocating to Los Angles in November of 2014.”

The second step in the process for writing a strong relocation resume is to make yourself available for interviews. We are not just talking about phone interviews or online chats. Let the employers know that you will be staying in the region for a week or so and that you will be available to meet with recruiters at companies during that time. You might want to schedule a phone interview initially so you can determine if there is mutual interest between the two sides before making any travel plans.

Another option you can take on the resume, and even in your cover letter, is that you can offer to pay for relocation expenses. Some companies will pay relocation expenses for their new hires, especially if they view the hire as top talent in the field. For the most part, employees are expected to pay relocation expenses. If you offer to pay those expenses right off the bat, this might entice the employer into scheduling you for an interview. In your resume or cover letter you can tell the employer that you will pay all the costs or that you are moving to the Philadelphia region in May using your own finances.

These are just a few tips that you can use to craft a strong relocation resume. There are others out there, such as not using someone else’s address on an application. This can cause major problems with interview scheduling and being viewed as fraudulent by the prospective employer.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes