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Ask the Genie: Dissatisfied Consultant Thinks about Leaving

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Frustrated by your current job and thinking about leaving?

Dear Genie,

I have been working as a consultant for a Big Four firm for three months now, and I have to admit that I am completely dissatisfied with both my tasks and my mentor. I have been assigned to some sort of internal project although I voiced the clear preference to be employed in some other field. Because of this, I am thinking of pursuing opportunities outside this firm, especially as my current project is scheduled to end in the fall of next year, and I can’t resist the feeling that I am wasting my time.

In your view: Do I look like a notorious churner for my new employer, quitting my job so soon for new opportunity? Or is there the possibility for me to explain my situation?

Sincerely yours,


Dear Christian,

You’ve got multiple options. One is to stick it out—having a year does tend to look good on the resume.

Another option is to find somebody in HR—that is, go past your mentor—and explain your situation. Big Four firms need talented people by the truckload—and the smart ones will do what they can to keep their people happy. Explain your situation and ask if you can (a) be assigned a different mentor, and (b) change projects.

In the meantime, look around for other opportunities. As mentioned before, Big Four firms need talented people by the truckload. Start networking and talking to people at other firms. Keep in mind that if you job-hop too much, you’re going to have some explaining to do in the future—so be sure that you’re careful in researching other firms and positions before you jump. It means everything to have a job you love, and it only recommends you in my mind if you do all you can to make sure you’ve got one.

Good luck,


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