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How Can I Make a Career Change Out of Psychology?

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Staying in your present career or switching careers is a life changing decision.

Question: I’m a 45-year-old psychologist in private practice. I have a fee-for-service business (no managed care or third-party reimbursement), with a specialty in eating disorders and middle-aged males. Through targeted marketing and good business skills, I’ve been able to survive through various health-care industry changes. But now I want to make a career change outside of psychology and would like your thoughts on what might be the most fruitful areas to market my doctorate and experience. I’m married with no children and willing to relocate, as well as travel domestically and abroad.

— Gary, Tampa, Fla.

Gary: Many readers of this column will wonder why you want to leave an obviously lucrative practice to change careers. What they don’t realize is that many physicians grow to dislike their practices and realize that they don’t have to spend the rest of their lives plying a trade that leaves them unfulfilled (it’s a curse that afflicts many lawyers as well). In your case, specialties that would appreciate your background — and make for an easier career transition — include organizational development, training and employee relations. Opportunities will be available nationally and, depending on the company, travel may be a part of the job description. You should research each of these fields to find an aspect of one that appeals to you. For more info, visit websites sponsored by the American Management Association, the American Society for Training and Development and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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