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Liberal-Studies Grads Have Plenty of Options

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Summary: While you might think that liberal studies students have limited career choices, you might be surprised what is open to them.

Question: I am about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, continuing for my teaching credentials. What other careers might a liberal-studies degree lead to?

Answer: The unrivaled value of a liberal-studies education is its applicability to a wide range of careers. The challenge, because of the somewhat ambiguous nature of the program, is for the liberal-studies degree holder to select from a multitude of careers and then sell employers on the transferability of his or her skills.

Beyond teaching, you could consider entry-level careers in the business, government or non-profit sectors. To illustrate just how wide-ranging your options are, here is a small but diverse sample of careers that recent liberal-studies graduates have stepped into: museum guide, retail sales associate, public-relations assistant, customer service representative, call-center marketing associate, classroom associate for the developmentally disabled, training instructor and instructional designer.

For many liberal-studies graduates, securing an initial job in the field of their choosing often is the most difficult. Once in, they generally have the skills necessary to competitively move within the organization to meet their career goals. If not, graduate study may be an option to pursue at that time.

If you do decide to explore career options beyond teaching, consider which of your skill sets you are most interested in applying and developing further. Then, look for an organization with a reputation for providing a strong orientation and training program for new hires. Immediately begin developing your network so that after you have established your reputation, you will be well-positioned to progress in your career.

Liberal-Studies Grads Have Plenty of Options by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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