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11 Easy Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out Before Graduation

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Summary: Entry-level jobs are hard to find and even harder to get unless you take some easy steps to make your resume something special.

Your resume needs to stand out. With 58 percent of employers not planning on hiring any entry-level graduates this year and 66 percent of employers saying that college graduates are not prepared for the workforce, your resume needs to tell employers that you are more than just a recent college graduate. There are 11 things that you can do before you graduate to make sure your resume says you are ready to actively engage in the workforce.

  1. Join clubs and societies your freshman year. The group doesn’t have to be only related to your major as long as you show commitment to it for your entire college career. Joining a club during your stay in college will help you start networking early, plus it’s always helpful to get advice on what classes and professors to take from other students.
  2. Take on leadership roles in whatever clubs or organizations you become a part of. These roles help you plan events, handle finances, or even something as simple as managing the group’s Facebook page. All of these skills show employers that you are responsible and capable of being in charge of a task.
  3. While in a leadership role, plan for career-relevant speakers to come talk with the club. The event can be a more relaxed night of networking or you can organize a panel to discuss questions that members have. Either way you are getting your name out there as someone that takes action.
  4. Try a position as a campus ambassador. Find a topic or field you are passionate about and look for positions that allow you to market that interest on campus. This will give you great experience in public speaking and marketing.
  5. Get involved in internships early. Don’t wait until your last year of college to start looking for an internship. Make a goal to have an internship every summer with different companies or in different roles. This will allow you to get a well-rounded understanding of several positions and companies.
  6. Learn a new language. Having diverse language skills will propel you higher and further than others in the hiring stages and within a company once you are hired. First take a class online or on campus and then join a club that meets in that language.
  7. Learn how to code by taking a class on campus or online. Knowing this skill will give you a better understanding on the basics of the web in every industry.
  8. Create a place to showcase your digital portfolio. You can keep all your best work from classes and internships online for prospective employers to see. Purchase your own domain name or use a blog site such as WordPress or Weebly. Add a link to this page on your resume for the hiring manager to see.
  9. Use your new language skills to study abroad. A worldlier candidate looks more appealing and will have more experience.
  10. Create and use a LinkedIn profile to make your online presence solid. It is okay for your profile to exhibit some personality too. Further your online presence by keeping a blog where you discuss news in your industry.
  11. Volunteer your time in the community either in your industry or by doing something completely new.


11 Easy Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out Before Graduation by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin