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Make It Through the Next Recession in a More Stable Job

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Summary: Whenever the next recession hits be ready for it by being in one of these 11 careers that offer more stability than a typical relationship.

Breakups suck. There is nothing fun about it, no matter if the relationship was a good or a bad one. Now it is time to find a better relationship and a better job. There is no point in also worrying whether your job will make it through another recession. Here are 11 jobs that will be more stable than your last relationship.


There will always be a demand for teachers, no matter what direction the economy turns. This is in part because teachers are usually part of labor unions, so laying them off is harder. In order to get yourself into this field, you will have to get a bachelor’s degree. If your degree is in anything except education, you will also have to get a teaching certificate.

Funeral Director:

Just because the economy takes a downturn does not mean that people stop dying. While people may go for cheaper options in the process of burying their loved ones, they still have to go through a funeral home. To be a funeral director, you will need to obtain a postsecondary degree in funeral studies. This will likely include at least an associate’s degree in something like funeral service education. You will also have to pass state licensing exams.

Physician’s Assistant:

Medical care will always be needed but in a recession-type economy, the level of care may change. Physician assistants are able to switch practices and relocate easier than some other medical providers. To be a Physician’s Assistant, you must finish a bachelor’s program and be accepted into the graduate program, which takes two years to complete. Imagine an abbreviated medical school crammed into two years. Then pass the national and state test and requirements.


Similar to teachers, professors are needed because people often turn to higher education during a recession. Also, professors that achieve tenure are harder to lay-off as well. To be a professor you will need a doctoral degree and research and/or teaching experience.


Tax season comes along every year. When the economy is going through a recession, people may be more willing to see a professional to ensure they get every dime back possible. Accountants will have a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting, will be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and will pass an state-issued exam.


Companies that are publicly traded on the stock exchange and some laws require audits to be done. No matter the state of the economy, those audits have to be done. Auditors will also have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or another related field. A master’s degree in business administration or accounting is preferable. Additional certifications in auditing or other areas may also be required.


Healthcare is always going to be needed. Nurses play a vital role in providing that care. To be a registered nurse (RN), you will most likely need a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. Some programs allow for a two-year degree with the passing of a licensed exam.

Utility Worker:

Utility workers perform even the most basic foundations of how our society runs. They keep roads in drivable condition, make sure electricity is working, trash is taken away, and more. To be a utility worker, you will need a high school diploma or GED and technical experience in a field like electrical, plumbing, maintenance, etc.


An actuary is important during an economic recession because they are able to help companies minimize risk in their decisions. Actuaries are able to help a company know which areas of their company to cut back. Get a bachelor’s degree in finance, mathematics, accounting, economics, or statistics actuarial science. Obtaining a higher degree in actuarial science may be a bonus. You will also need a certificate from the Casualty Actuarial Society or Society of Actuaries.

Teacher’s Aide:

Teachers will be needed during recessions and they will always need help with their large classrooms. Teacher’s aides fall in the spectrum of education so they are largely protected in any economy. All you need is an associate’s degree plus state licensing and certification requirements.

Nursing Aide:

Nursing aides help provide the needed healthcare. They help keep places like hospitals, nursing homes, home care and more running. Aging populations will rely on nursing aides in any economy. Post-secondary certificates are required. You can gain these certificates from community colleges, technical or vocational schools.


Make It Through the Next Recession in a More Stable Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin