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4 Steps To Make Confrontation Easier

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Summary: Having a confrontation with co-workers or even your boss is necessary if you don’t want to be walked all over and unhappy at work, so it is in your best interest to get good at it.

Confrontation is never fun, but is quite often a necessary evil and is a skill that you can work to develop. Not being afraid of confrontation can help you prevent little issues from turning into something large. By having have a quick conversation with a co-worker it can save you from having to go to the boss. Just remember that no one can read minds, so sometimes what you assume will be a confrontation won’t even turn out that way. Before you jump into any confrontation, use these steps to make sure it is a worthwhile conversation.

  1. Wait 24 hours. In the heat of the moment your thoughts are less clear and your point will be less effective and powerful. By sitting on it for a day you can calm down and both parties involved will be more reasonable in finding a solution.
  2. Prepare your points. By waiting a day, you will have the time to plan ahead what you plan to say. Emotions can get in the way and prevent the confrontation from being constructive.
  3. Don’t take things personal. This can be the hardest part about confrontation, but holding a grudge will not allow you to be comfortable with them in the future. If you have been wronged, then give the person a chance to make things right. If you are making demands for changes in the office to your boss, then don’t be offended if they don’t take all or any of your suggestions.
  4. Follow up when necessary. If your conversation doesn’t produce the results you had asked for and you are still deeply upset then have another conversation. If that still doesn’t produce the desired results then taking the issue to your superior may be required.


4 Steps To Make Confrontation Easier by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin