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Mistakes to Avoid Your First Day of Work

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first day of work

Summary: Once you have received that coveted job offer and arrived at the first day of work, relax and take things in before jumping the gun and trying to reorganize the entire office.

Now that you have finally made it through the searching, applying and interview processes to land a job, there are still some things to navigate through. Even if you were given the job offer and made it to the first day of work, there are some mistakes you can make that will ruin the future of the job. You want to walk into the office that first day and reassure the employer that they made the right choice in hiring you by leaving a good impression.

Not paying attention the first day is a big no-no. Not only do you need to listen, you need to take in the environment. No one expects you to remember all the names of people you meet or the responsibilities given on the first day but you can do your part to try. Carry a small notebook with you and jot down key details so that you can review your notes later.

Use your time effectively. If they give you a task to finish that day then make sure it gets done. Don’t sit around waiting until the end of the day to finish the assignment. You were hired to work so work hard to keep your job. If you are unsure of how to do the task, then don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep your attitude in check. Don’t assume you know everything and start showing off that first day. Try to learn, even come with questions to work. The first day you are supposed to absorb the way the office functions, not start handing out suggestions on how to improve existing operations. You may learn how their way of doing something works better for the office and people compared to the way your last company did things.

Eat lunch with others. If you must bring a lunch from home, eat it with others, not alone at your desk. While eating with others, don’t join in with any gossip. Just a little chit-chat is all you need to get to know your co-workers and establish a presence for yourself.


Mistakes to Avoid Your First Day of Work by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin