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The Rising Tech Hotspots May Surprise You

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Detroit tech spot

Summary: The Silicon Valley has long been the leader in technology, but other places are starting to vie for the title of tech leaders.

We all know where the tech jobs are but what about the places you didn’t realize where up and coming tech hotspots? NerdWallet looked at salaries, housing rates, and number of jobs to determine the top places.

The Silicon Valley in California is still the number one place for technology jobs. The area covers three cities – San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale. Some of the biggest and most known companies like Apple, Adobe, and eBay call this area home. The survey found that over a tenth of the jobs in the area are for tech jobs.

The number two place is Huntsville, AL, a place many wouldn’t even consider. The town is nicknamed “Rocket City” because it is also the home to the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Rent is low while the average salaries are decent at $92,296.

Number three is the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area in Washington. Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft have played a big part in making this area the tech hub that it is. However, Amazon is working towards building a big tech spot in the downtrodden city of Detroit.

Amazon will be moving hundreds of tech jobs to the Motor City over the next year. They have secured several floors of the 150 W. Jefferson office tower, stating “We are hiring right now, full-time technology jobs.”

Another company, Lear Corporation, has also announced that they will be hiring 150 product and innovative design employees to fill their newly acquired building in Detroit.


The Rising Tech Hotspots May Surprise You by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin