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Jet Off to a Polish Castle for Your Art

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Ujazdowski Castle

Summary: Art professionals are encouraged to apply for the one month residency at a Polish castle to develop their creative and historical work.

The opportunity to spend time in a real castle for a month is reserved for only two art professionals. Five others selected will be housed during the residency somewhere else on the castle grounds. The Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and the City of Warsaw are calling for art professionals of all kinds – curators, researchers, managers, and more – to spend a month in a castle through the Artists-In-Residence Laboratory programme.

Calling All Artists to the South Pole

The program has been running since 2002. In order to be eligible, you have to give a talk discussing an overview or insight into a specific issue that relates to the current art scene of their country, prepare a portfolio review, participate in the A-I-R programme with seminars and meetings, and collaborate with CCA curators.

Artist Careers: How to Have a Career as an Artist

If selected you will have an individual living space with a connected work space, a stipend, travel cost reimbursement, and study visits in Warsaw and Poland. Apply by sending an PDF of your portfolio that includes professional work experience, a cover letter, and resume.

Offices Turning into Creative Work Spaces

The reason for the Warsaw castle location is the unique history of the area that international artists can use to gather ideas for creation and critical reflection. Poland has a rich history and is centrally located so that it is a convenient location for most.


Jet Off to a Polish Castle for Your Art by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin