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Antarctica for the Non-Creative

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Antarctic researchers

Summary: We’ve highlighted opportunities for the creative-minded to travel to Antarctica and the Northern Oceans. Here is an opportunity for those that are not so creative that are still interested in traveling to the South Pole.

McMurdo Station in Antarctica needs sous chefs, human resources coordinators, mountaineers, fire fighters, doctors, carpenters and many more to help run the research center on Ross Island. The United States Antarctic Program is managed by the National Science Foundation. There are around 3,000 people working for the USAP each year to perform scientific research or support the researchers.

Calling All Artists to the South Pole

There are a variety of USAP Agencies to apply through including The National Science Foundation, NSF Division of Polar Programs, Researchers, Media, Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Gana-A ‘Yoo Service Corporation, GHG Corporation, PHI Inc., Lockheed Martin, University of Texas Medical Branch – Polar Operations, Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc., and more.

Take Off for the Northern Oceans

Since Antarctica is not owned by any country so the USAP is the United States’ representative program. The program upholds international cooperation as well as keeps an active and influential presence in the region by conducting high-quality science research under efficient funding.

Greenpeace Brings Arctic Plight Into Focus With Poignant Ad

The opportunities to reach the Antarctic are numerous for those truly desiring a chance at the unique region. There are also plenty of blogs and first-hand experiences to learn more about what it is like at the research station.


Antarctica for the Non-Creative by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin