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Spend Your Days and Nights at Alaska State Parks

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park caretaker

Summary: The Alaska State Parks are looking for caretakers at several locations, giving you the freedom to be in the wild outdoors while serving the state for a minimal pay.

Anyone that has camped at a state park has talked and met the caretaker. They live on-site, performing any needed maintenance to keep the parks operating for public use. Part of their daily tasks involves interacting with the public that come out to enjoy the state parks so being a caretaker does not mean you can avoid working with people.

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The Chena River State Recreation Area – Northern Region park caretaker is responsible for the 255,000 acre area. The main tasks include the care and maintenance of the 33 mile compound with lawn mowing, brush cutting, cleaning buildings, organizational skills, basic carpentry and construction skills, and more. The requirements for the job include having a valid driver’s license, being physically fit, willing and able to perform manual labor, and able to maintain good public relations. The payment for the job is a subsistence payment on top of a rustic cabin to live in, access to a common mess hall kitchen, and showers and laundry services for use. The position requires 8 to 10 weeks of a commitment.

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The Hatcher Pass – Independence Mine State Historical Park caretaker has similar responsibilities plus several more. This park is a historical park with old mining buildings that have been restored for public tours. The park incorporates 48,000 acres of mostly alpine, mountainous area. The caretaker at this park can take on the position as an internship. They can live in their own RV or in an apartment in the visitor’s center. They have to know how to operate a diesel generator as well as carpentry, repair, and public interaction skills.


Spend Your Days and Nights at Alaska State Parks by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin