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Should You Bring Your Dog to Work or Not

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Summary: With more companies allowing for pet-friendly policies, you may have the opportunity to bring your friend to work with you as long as follow these rules.

Dogs are man’s best friend so it can be hard to leave them at home all day alone while you go off to work. More companies are allowing dogs to come to work as long as they follow a few rules. Always read through your companies pet policy before bringing your best friend and then also follow these unwritten etiquette rules.

  • Keep your dog leashed at all times. Not everyone loves dogs and would appreciate your pup rummaging through their garbage can or leaving slobbery kisses everywhere.
  • That being said, don’t be afraid to share him with those that love dogs. Let your coworkers that love dogs pet and play with him, even babysit while you attend a meeting.
  • Take your dog outside to use the potty. Never let your dog relieve himself inside your office or cubicle area. That smell travels no matter how much air freshener you use. That may mean that you take him outside every few hours.
  • Silence is very important. If you have a dog that barks at every little thing, don’t bring him to work. This is especially true when you work in an open area and are surrounded by colleagues that spend much of their time on the phone with clients. Nothing is more unprofessional than a dog barking in the background of an important call.
  • Not all dogs are office friendly. They may not like strangers or other dogs and that is okay but that means they don’t belong with you at work. Bringing your dog to work should be a perk not a problem.
  • Give your dog exercise. You can manage to sit at a desk for eight hours a day, but your dog cannot. They need a break every so often and you really should too. Take a walk during lunch so you can both enjoy some fresh air.


Should You Bring Your Dog to Work or Not by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin