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10 Ways to Express Your Company Culture

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Summary: Effectively express your company culture by adopting these 10 tips.

Having a formal company culture creates a common interest for employees, establishes expectations for customers, clients, and business partners, and sets a standard to identify and correct problems quickly. Expressing your company culture demonstrates you are invested in the organization’s success. Below are 10 ways to express your company culture.

1. Agenda Item

In your next team meeting, plan to lead a short discussion with your team about what the company culture means to them and why they think the culture is important.

2. Digital Messages

Re-read emails, announcements and updates before distributing. Determine if the way you are communicating your message embraces the culture. If the company allows customized signatures, add a quote beneath your digital signature with your favorite statement from the company’s mission, vision and values.

3. Presentations & Icebreakers

When you conduct a meeting, start by sharing what you appreciate most about the culture of your company. If your meeting calls for an icebreaker, ask others to share what they value about the culture.

4. Take Notice

When you notice a fellow employee’s actions align with the company’s culture, find the right time to thank them for contributing to a positive work environment.

5. In the Background

In your personal workspace, display the company’s mission, vision and values.

6. Business Cards

Have your favorite statement from the company’s mission, vision and values printed on the back of your business cards.

7. Social Media

Add a post about the culture of your organization to your LinkedIn page and other social media used for work.

8. Interactions

During workplace interactions, maintain a level of self-awareness and evaluate if your words, actions and non-verbals are culture approved.

9. Formal Recognition

Work with leadership or human resources to formally recognize individuals for their actions that align with the company’s culture.

10. Employee Engagement

Post a comment on your company’s social feed that communicates what you appreciate about your work culture.

In what ways do you express company culture? Share what you do to align your actions with your company’s culture in the comments below.

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