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10 Books to Read When Changing Careers

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Summary: Changing careers can be a trying time both mentally and physically, so take a break to read a few books to recharge your desire to keep pressing on.

The day has come when you decide that you need to change your career. It is a big decision and will require a lot of work, but the end result is worth it. Here are some books that will rebuild your motivation and keep your passion going towards this next adventure in your life.

This book is all about attitude and confidence in the form of comical advice about struttin’ your personal style.

This book is for those wanting a mentorship. All 19 chapters have lessons and tips that aren’t learned from any classroom.

This book has helpful lessons and stories on how to be successful.

This book has a perfect mix of essays, advice, memoir, and poems to satisfy every reader.

This book is great if you need a boost in your work. It will give you the confidence to make things better.

Fey, through writer Liz Lemon, tells readers that they have two options when the stress from a crazy life gets too crazy: let it get the best of you or laugh it off.

Sandberg is motivational when she speaks and writes. Her advice is for anyone moving ahead with a new career.

This book offers a new way of thinking about management, attitude and all the parts in between that come with a new business, changing careers or needing a recharge.

The founder of TOMS tells readers what worked for his company and how starting a company that helps others provides importance with every step.

This book is comprised of 25 personal essays that offer refreshing advice on the self-doubt we experience through a career change.


10 Books to Read When Changing Careers by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin