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Six Traits of an Exceptional Employee

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Summary: The best employees possess qualities that many think they have but very few actually have a strong grasp on.

What is it about those coworkers you know that are always recommended for a promotion, are great to work with, and overall raise the bar of excellence in the office? While they obviously have an attention to detail and focus, there are more traits to them that make them stand out. Take notes if you wish to become one of these exceptional employees too.

Professional – The best employees know how to keep things professional at all times. Keep your phone put away, especially during meetings, be on time or be courteous enough to send an email or phone call when you know you will be late, keep your attire appropriate, and keep any work relationships that turn personal out of the office.

Goal oriented – Be comfortable in your position but don’t get content. Be thinking and planning ahead for where you want your career to go.

Communication – Not only are these employees great at communicating, they are even better at listening. When there is an issue, go to the source and work it out instead of avoiding the problem or sending passive-aggressive notes. Be clear about what your expectations are from fellow team members. And listen to everyone, asking questions when necessary to fully understand their ideas and points.

Criticism and responsibility – Being receptive to criticism is essential. Make changes when and where possible to improve upon any mistakes. This also goes along with taking responsibility when there is a mistake, even when you are not fully responsible. Employees with strong characters and leadership potential will stand out to their bosses when they take on these traits.

Problem solver – Stop complaining and solve the problem. Too many employees sit back and complain about the situation instead of figuring out a way to fix it. Solutions are more important than pointing out the obvious problems.

Positivity – Keeping a sense of humor and positive attitude will help the best employees get along with all coworkers. This does not require being the social butterfly of the office, but simply smiling and just asking the phrase, “How are you?”


Six Traits of an Exceptional Employee by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin