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Things Your Boss Takes Notice Of

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being watched at work

Summary: Important people are watching you every day at work and taking notice of how hard you work and how professional you aim to be.

Chances are you answer to someone higher-up at work. What you probably don’t realize is that higher-up person is watching and evaluating you every day, and not just on your work. It is their job to notice what you do but there are some things they are taking note and not saying anything and may affect promotions down the road.

Arrival time- There is a time you are expected to be at work even if no one seems to follow it. Even when your office follows a flexible schedule, stick to arriving at work when everyone else does or a little before. Arriving two hours after everyone else gets to work just doesn’t look good even if no one says anything.

Departure time- Even when you don’t have a strict 9-to-5 schedule, the timing of when you leave work every day reflects your attitude about work. Being one of the last into the office but the first to leave on a regular basis is not a good sign.

Appearance- The way you dress and present yourself at work is noticed by a lot of people. Follow the example of your colleagues but side on the side of more formal over being too casual just in case.

Technology use- Keep your personal life out of the office and off of the office technology. Use lunch and other breaks to check Facebook and messages on your phone but never use the work equipment to do this.

Vocabulary– Keep your language clean and professional. There is never a reason to cuss up a storm or gossip about others at the office.

Fitting in- Being able to fit in with your colleagues is important to your future with the company. They don’t have to be your best friends but you should be able to be friendly and cordial with them. Make a point of attending social work events so that it is clear you are trying to fit in.

Time management- Your boss will notice if you are meeting deadlines and working at an efficient pace. Simple tasks should not be taking you longer than reasonable and if they are, then you are not focusing on work.

Morale of the story: Work hard every day!


Things Your Boss Takes Notice Of by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin