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7 Deadly Sins to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Become Your Own Worst Enemy

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self sabotage

Summary: We may be sabotaging ourselves daily without even realizing it with these simple mistakes and behaviors, but luckily they are easy to change.

We all set goals to be more productive, successful, etc., but most of us end up sabotaging ourselves in the process. Perhaps we don’t know any better or are blind to our own behavior. Sometimes we are just not committed enough to give up our bad habits and abandon our comfort zone. Here are the common ways perfectly talented people sabotage themselves from reaching their full potential.

  1. Shortcuts – Instant gratification never works out. The majority of people spend countless hours and years working to become successful. You may hear about how someone got rich overnight, but they are the exception that should not be followed. Taking shortcuts will only lead to an inevitable failure.
  2. Emotions – Our emotions control much of what we do and say. There are opinions rampant about everything so you have to learn to ignore feelings of anger, resentment, and whining to stop them from getting in the way. Put your ego away and focus on your work.
  3. Lone Ranger – You can’t do everything yourself. You are going to need the help of others around you whether it is from group projects at work or your network to help you advance your career. Somewhere along the road, everyone has had help from others.
  4. Getting stuff done instead of getting it done right – While it is important to be productive and get things done, too many people sacrifice quality to get projects done. The bigger the project, the more complex the details, the more important it is to get things done right.
  5. Holding back – You can’t be timid and expect to be successful. Opportunities will be right in front of you, but you have to be the one to reach out and grab them, they won’t just land in your lap to stay forever.
  6. Not doing the research – You can’t get by with giving the easy answer. Sometimes you have to dive deep to sufficiently outsmart the competition and marketplace. This is done by learning, observing, analyzing, and adjusting what you know to what is in demand.
  7. Letting others take control – You have to be in control of your own work and goals. If you aren’t proactive and let others take the reins, success will never be handed to you.


7 Deadly Sins to Avoid If You Don't Want to Become Your Own Worst Enemy by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin