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Australia and New Zealand Feature Conservation Volunteers

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Conservation Volunteers

Summary: Australia’s Conservation Volunteers program has different levels of volunteer programs in order to attract as many to their cause as possible.

Conservation Volunteers has over 10,000 volunteers participate in their projects every year. Projects include plucking invasive weeds from sandy beaches, tree planting, and surveying bird populations. Their vision is to inspire “change by connecting people with nature.” Their goal is to “increase resilience through the protection, maintenance, and restoration of the environment – landscapes, habitats, species and heritage.”

Volunteer to Help the Sea Turtles and Salmon

The program works in partnership with governments, corporations, and communities to take on environmental and wildlife conservation projects. They know that continuing strong relationships with these partners is what will keep their efforts alive.

You must love the outdoors and have an interest in the environment. Everyone from students, professionals, retirees, international visitors, and anyone else ends up participating in the program. No prior skills or experience is needed but a decent amount of health and fitness is smart to have.

Get Busy Building a National Park in Chile

There are programs all across Australia so you can select one that is in a location you want. To participate in the volunteer program, there is a cost. Teams of up to 10 are established for each project with a team leader to train on-site.

Get Your Hands Dirty with WWOOF

You can decide to volunteer for a day, which is free and available every week of the year. For those that live near the programs, there are residential volunteer opportunities that can involve an overnight stay and some small costs to cover accommodation, meals, and transportation.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin