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Get Busy Building a National Park in Chile

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Summary: The Conservacion Patagonica in Chile needs volunteers to help them achieve their goal of establishing a national park in Patagonia.

Helping to build a national park has probably not crossed many people’s minds but the Conservacion Patagonica needs just that. Their goal is to create a 650,000 acre national park in Patagonia. The protected land in the wilderness of Chile is home to furry armadillos, foxes, deer, guanacos, and other wildlife.

Get Your Hands Dirty with WWOOF

Volunteers will complete three weeks of manual labor in the wet jungles and arid grasslands of the region, helping to restore the ecosystem or working in the organic garden that will feed workers and visitors. The program costs $600 plus travel expenses.

Don’t Forget to Give Back with Volunteer Work

The program started in 2006 and has since have hundreds of volunteers come from around the world. They have worked to dismantle old ranch fences, build trails, collect native seeds, and control invasive plant species. Around eight to ten workers are part of the team at one time and most of the time is spent camping in the wilderness with little access to showers, bathroom facilities, fresh food, or communication.

Spend Time in Nature with the National Park Service Artist in Residence Program

The garden program requires volunteers to camp at the campground each night and work in the garden each day. Gardening experience is not required but they do recommend doing research before so that you are prepared.

The program is part of the Tompkins Conservation group of organizations created by entrepreneurs and conservationists Kristine and Douglas Tompkins.


Get Busy Building a National Park in Chile by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin