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These 15 Companies Are Hiring Right Now

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Summary: Make your holiday season even merrier when you find your dream with one of these successful companies.

Just because it is December does not mean there aren’t full-time jobs to be found. Use this list to find something that matches your interest and qualifications and turn this month into the beginning of a happy new year.

  1. Bounce Exchange is a digital marketing platform that allows clients to control their web traffic through tailored content to different visitor segments. They use software to analyze everything about a visitor’s behavior. They use that information to create customer acquisition strategies that will boost key business metrics.
  2. Radius is a six year old company that serves B2B marketers with the best software platform for them to understand and touch all small and mid-sized businesses in America. Some of their clients include American Express, CanCapital, CapitalOne, and The Home Depot.
  3. Red Ventures has been named one of the best places to work in Charlotte for seven years now. They are the largest technology-enabled platform for marketing and growing sales. Their expertise is in online marketing, proprietary technologies, and telephone sales that capitalize on improving the market presence and financial success of clients.
  4. OneLogin makes systems that are simple and scalable to secure partner, employee, and customer access to information. Their software packages can reduce security costs as well as strengthen.
  5. Twilio was started in 2008 but has grown into a powerful business communication company. They supply developers with tools for customer-centric phone, messaging, and VoIP systems on a global cloud API platform.
  6. TrackMaven is a newer company that is highly competitive in providing intelligence data to help digital marketers create content. They analyze trends from 15 content platforms to find insight that leads to brand success.
  7. Handy has revolutionized household chores by connecting people with professionals. Users can schedule whatever help they need by location, type of service, and time needed to have the work done. Handy takes care of finding the professionals and clearing their background check.
  8. Stripe is used by companies of all sizes to build their business by putting effective instruments into their hands so they develop their ideas.
  9. Prosper Marketplace is an online marketplace for consumer credit. They connect people wanting to borrow money with those wanting to invest.
  10. Credit Karma has changed the way people can view their credit scores on top of providing tools and information to help users improve their scores. They have over 45 million members and keep growing each day.
  11. Recombine was started by experts in clinical genetics, fertility, computer science, and bioinformatics. They combined goal was to improve health outcomes through actionable and responsible genetic testing.
  12. Skout is a social platform that connects people based on their location. They have made over 500 million connections across the globe. The platform is live in 18 countries and available in 14 languages.
  13. Mohawk Industries is a flooring manufacturer for over 100 years. Not only are they the largest manufacturer but they assemble everything from their carpet in the United States.
  14. SendGrid utilizes emails to build and nurture customer relationships by sending emails at the right time, with the right content, to the right people.
  15. Persado uses a platform that removes copywriting guesswork and testing so companies can focus on what to say and how to say it to best engage their customers.


These 15 Companies Are Hiring Right Now by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin