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Navigate the Working World by Avoiding Mistakes

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Summary: There are many mistakes we can make, especially when we are just starting out in the career world, but with this list of mistakes to avoid, we can be better prepared for success.

The working world is hard to navigate. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about that. What works for one person may be completely different for the next so it is hard to understand what tricks will work for you compared to what won’t. Every workplace is comprised of different personalities and power dynamics but there are general rules and guidelines that can help you navigate the rest of the hard stuff.

Use this list of career mistakes to help cut back on bumps along your career path.

– Assuming you know everything.

Not networking.

– Not being prepared for meetings.

– Ignoring the importance of gathering and using business cards.

– Participating in office gossip.

– Arriving late to work and meetings.

– Not taking initiative to take on more work.

– Feeling satisfied by doing the minimal amount of work needed.

– Not sharing your career goals with your supervisor.

– Not keeping up-to-date on your industry.

– Not utilizing or even making a LinkedIn profile.

– Oversharing personal stories.

– Leaving a job the wrong way and burning any bridges.

– Dressing unprofessionally.

– Not proof-reading emails, reports, or any professional correspondence.

– Thinking you can start at the top right out of college.

– Not learning from failures and mistakes.

Not using a mentor.

– Thinking you are stuck in your chosen profession forever.

– Not keeping your resume updated.

– Not joining groups and associations for your industry.

– Being negative.

– Turning down new projects.

– Not asking for help when you need it.

– Not being honest about your abilities.

– Turning down training courses.

– Not keeping track of accomplishments as they happen.

– Making career decisions for others.

– Promising results and not delivering on them.

– Failing to manage emails.

– Assuming that everyone thinks the way you do.

– Failing to accept diversity as an asset to your team.

– Not caring how your actions affect other people.

– Having an emotional IQ of zero.

– Taking jobs just for the paycheck.

– Thinking you need to be a jerk to be taken seriously.

– Letting your ego lead your decisions.

– Forgetting about the big-picture.

– Complaining instead of trying to fix problems.

– Not embracing change.

– Being intimated by changes in the workplace and technology.

– Not pushing yourself.

– Not giving yourself a chance to recharge.

– Not standing up for yourself, what you’re worth, or your ideas.


Navigate the Working World by Avoiding Mistakes by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin