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13 Personality Types in Your Office

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National Pen Company created a funny little infographic detailing 13 personality types. These aren’t, of course, legitimate personality types. Nevertheless, you’ve probably known at least one of each of the types in your workplace. You’ve probably had a chatterbox who constantly spouts off things nobody really cares about, or tries to tell a half hour snippet of life story when some minor little event happens. Every office probably has at least one workaholic, who puts work above everything else, especially their own and others’ social lives. And, some of the worst are those that release way too much information. Whether that’s their disgusting health problems, or information about their dating life, most of the time you just don’t want to hear about it. As for the more dangerous, there’s the backstabbers who go around acting all friendly and trying to get you in trouble with the management. Either that, or they use their influence to get them the position and leave you without. Some workers are delegators, who do nothing but put work on others, even when they aren’t in the authority to. Nevertheless, they often get all of the credit when you do all of the work. Every office probably has some of these personalities, regardless of whether they’re somehow “real”.

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13 Personality Types in Your Office by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes