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Benefits of Sales 101

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back to basics

Summary: Knowing the basics of being a successful salesman or woman can help in any job search or a quest for greater challenges at work.

Being able to sell yourself is a fundamental skill for anyone. You are your best advocate so if you can’t properly sell your abilities, no one else will be able to either. In your job search or in your every day job routine, you are trying to convince others to believe in your abilities so that will take a chance on you. In order to take charge of your career, stop relying on others to do your job for you.

Sales 101 guidelines:

Strengths: Make a list of your strengths and think of how they will help you succeed.

Examples: Match specific examples of your skills to the need.

Questions: Have questions prepared to ask during an interview or meeting to demonstrate your interest in the job or challenge. Think of possible answers to these questions and how you might respond.

Confidence: Confidence and capability are always desired qualities. Demonstrate that you can rise to the challenge by using your list of strengths and examples.

Honesty: Being pushy is a big turn-off. Going too far to show how qualified or amazing you are can appear insincere.

Show features and benefits: In sales they follow the slogan “features tell, benefits sell.” You have to show your features and the benefit you will be to a company or project.

Close: Closing the sale is very important. Ask questions and demonstrate your interest. Have thoughtful questions that show you have done research into the challenge.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin