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Professional Wardrobe Must-Have’s

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Summary: Building a wardrobe fit for a professional career can take a while, so start with these basics to get your wardrobe started in the right direction.

When you are just starting out in the professional world and not making a ton of money yet, building a great wardrobe is difficult. You are transitioning from a time when wearing jeans and a t-shirt were acceptable every day in class. Now you are entering a place where a suit is the normal attire. Here are some tips to start the transition to a wardrobe fit for a professional.

Suits- Every professional woman and man needs to a have a power suit. This will require a little extra money but it is an item that is like an investment: it will last for a long time and will pay off in the end.

Blazers- A couple of blazers that can be paired with items like slacks for men or cropped straight-leg pants for women will do wonders on your professional appearance. If you can, find a blazer that can pull double duty as a suit jacket as well.

Shoes- A great pair of comfortable but fashionable shoes will save your feet from a long day of standing and meeting with clients.

Accessories- You don’t have to go crazy with the accessories. Add some simple pieces like cuff links for the guys or a simple chain necklace for the ladies to add a little something to catch the eye of others. For men this also means you can have fun with your ties by picking out some with powerful colors like red.

Women have a lot more options when it comes to their wardrobe. Here are some more tips just for the ladies:

Dresses- A dress is a great way to only have to worry about one item and still look complete.

Button-ups- When just starting your wardrobe, choose a white shirt that is the right length, fits the shoulders, and has buttons that don’t pull to much or too little across the chest.

Skirts- Select the right style of skirt for your body type. Some look better in an A-line, others prefer a basic pencil skirt. Just remember to keep the length and design appropriate for work.

Blouses- Pick up a couple blouses that can pair with your other items. They can be anything from lace overlays to silk shells to cap-sleeved tops.

Trousers- You can select trousers in different shapes, styles, and colors to add dimension to your wardrobe. Start out with the staple colors like black, khaki, and navy so that they will pair nicely with your other items.

Handbags- Choose a bag that is professional but still shows your personality. Think of everything you need to carry with you and base the size off of that. Avoid getting too big and flashy.


Professional Wardrobe Must-Have’s by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin