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Create a Career Mantra to Keep Yourself on Track

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Summary: Write a mantra for your professional career to help you stay on track and motivated towards your goals.

A mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently, most often for the purpose of motivation and reflection. Life coaches use mantras often to inspire their clients so why not use a career mantra for your benefit to stay inspired in your professional life. Many companies also fashion a company mantra because they understand the importance of having a “brand.”

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When it comes to the professional world, you are a product in it. Just like you are preparing for an interview, you have to be able to sell yourself in the right way. Your skills and services are what you use to sell your product.

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Remember a career mantra is not a mission statement. A mantra is a few words long not a couple sentences. It should be simple, memorable, and highlight your core values. Your mantra should also be actionable.

Your values are the core part of the mantra. Make a list of power words that you associate with yourself and how you want your career to evolve. You want your mantra to represent what you bring to the table.

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Now that you have written a career mantra, double check that it guides you with an action towards success. The goal is that the mantra will guide you whenever you make a big decision to following your core values.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin