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Increase Productivity with These 20 Helpful Apps

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Summary: There are all kinds of apps out there that can help you be more productive in your personal and professional life.

We are always looking for ways to improve our productivity at work and at home. Luckily for you there are plenty of apps to choose from to help achieve your productivity desires.

Freedom – Removes distractions on your phone by blocking websites during a scheduled period of time that you set-up ahead of time.

Newsfeed Eradicator – Replaces distracting things on your Facebook like a friend’s latest adventure with inspirational quotes.

Hemingway App – This app is like having a personal editor that color-codes highlighted words and sentences that are long, dense, or passive.

Papier – Gain access to your notes without interrupting your flow by simply opening a new tab and continuing to type. No more searching for a pen and paper or opening a new program.

Pocket – Do you find yourself with ten open tabs filled with articles that you don’t have time to look at now but want to return to later? Pocket saves things you want to read later on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Lastpass – With so many programs out there that require a password, it is hard to keep track of them all. Keeping a document of your passwords or notes on your phone is never a good idea so use this app to save the passwords you want.

1Password – This is another app that you may want to consider to store your passwords. The difference is this app also creates secure passwords and fills them in on websites through Safari and Google Chrome.

Wunderlist – This is the ultimate to-do list organizer. It lets you create categories within your list so that it is very organized. Keep work, personal, health, hobby, and so on lists separate.

Sunrise – A simpler yet smarter calendar that works with other programs like Facebook, Wunderlist, LinkedIn, and more to add details to your schedule. The faces of who you are meeting with will fill in through LinkedIn and other social networks so that you are reminded of who the meeting is with. The Weather app will show you the weather for that day. Google Maps gives you the directions to the meeting on the schedule.

f.lux – Staring at screens all day can be exhausting on your eyes so this app adjusts the screen’s lighting to correspond to the time of the day.

Audible – Having the time to read all that you want may be limited so take advantage of the time when you are driving or working out to listen to the books you wanted to read.

One Big Thing – Focus on the things that matter most by making a one big thing and a couple little things.

Mint – Keep all your personal finances organized in one area. The app also has features like trends so that you can see how often and how much you are spending at one store. This comes in handy if you are trying to cut back on expenses because you may not realize you are spending over $100 at Starbucks each month.

Mailbox – Organize your emails so that you can come back to them at a specific time or date.

Calendly – Speed up the process of scheduling meetings by sending the other party the link to this app which works with your Google Calendar so that they can visually see when you are available.

IFTTT – “If This Then That” automates your online life. For someone that spends a lot of time repeating the same steps everyday such as a blogger promoting their new post on Facebook and then again on Twitter and Instagram then this app will save a lot of time.

Pomodoro – The Pomodoro Technique was adapted in the ‘80s by Francesco Cirillo. He learned that our brains cannot focus on one task for long periods of time, it needs occasional breaks.  Using this technique should help you get more done by allowing you to focus more intensely for a short amount of time.

Headspace – Imagine this app as a meditation guide on-the-go.

Five Minute Journal – Take just five minutes to write down things you are grateful for, your personal goals, things you are excited about that day, etc. At the end of the day reflect on what made the day great and what you could have done better that day.

Scanner Pro – This app helps you go paperless and stay more organized.

Spark – Another app that organizes your email into personal, newsletters, notifications, and group messages.


Increase Productivity with These 20 Helpful Apps by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin