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Beat the Greatest Interview Fear with Little Effort

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Summary: Even when you have prepared for an interview, things can still go wrong, so read these tips to figure out a way to calm yourself and continue.

The night before your interview is always a rough one. No matter how much you prepare, you most likely still have that queasy feeling in your stomach. And then there are the dreams that night, or should we say nightmares. Dreams seem to bring out the worst fears in everyone. They may be that your skirt is tucked into your underwear or your suit pants rip down the seam or that you get mauled by a bear, it doesn’t matter because they still increase your anxiety.

The biggest fear for many during an interview is drawing a blank when asked a question. The second greatest fear is having the right answers. These fears make perfect sense even for someone that has prepared, maybe even more so. You may have spent days preparing perfect answers to all the common and uncommon questions that you can think of but when the time comes to actually be asked one of those questions and you can’t come up with your answer – that is terrifying.

We have a few pointers to help you combat this fear and any likelihood of this actually happening during an interview. Take a moment to stop and gather your thoughts. Trying to rush into the answer is more likely to cause you to lose them. Here are three options you can memorize to help you get a second or two to come up with the answer to your question without it being obvious that you need time:

– “Let me think about it and get back to you.”

– “Can you elaborate more on…?”

– “Just off the top of my head…”

If all else fails, remember that thinking out loud is what some interviewers want to hear. They want to know how you process information and come to a conclusion so don’t be afraid to let them in to your thoughts.

When you run out of time and simply cannot come up with an answer, be honest. It is always better to be honest than to make up some crazy answer that you try to pass as the correct one. Employers want to see that you are honest and are willing to admit weaknesses.

In the end, one messed up interview is not the end of the world. There will be other opportunities and more chances to improve your interviewing skills.

What is your greatest interview fear? Tell us in the comments below.

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Beat the Greatest Interview Fear with Little Effort by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin