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9 Jobs for Those Who Prefer to Work Independently

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IT worker

Summary: Not all people like small talk and not all jobs require it. Use this list as a starting point towards a career that will allow for independent work.

Do you prefer small, intimate crowds? Do you loathe the idea of small talk? Some people are shy and there is nothing you can do about it. While much of the professional world demands social, outgoing people, there are jobs out there that don’t. How about a job that requires independence? Here are 9 jobs that may be a good fit for you.


This job quite often gets placed in the same category as a librarian, but they are not the same job. Librarians actually engage in a lot of small talk, whereas archivists spend most of their time working alone. The types of work they handle include appraising important records, documents, and collections that appear worth preserving.

Financial Analyst

Analysts spend a lot of time looking at numbers. Financial analysts pore over data, numbers, bonds, and stocks. They are looking for trends in order to advise individuals and businesses on investments. Their interactions with other people are their clients during meetings that periodically take place. Accountants and actuaries are similar jobs that spend even less time with people.

Graphic Designer

While you may need to meet with clients and coworkers occasionally to collaborate, much of your time would be spent alone, thinking. There are some positions that may require more time working with others, so look for the ones that allow for more independent work.

Street or Wildlife Photographer

The importance of these kinds of photography is to be as candid and authentic as possible.  These photographers blend in with their surrounding by being quiet and patient to get the best photo. Talking will not get the winning shot.

Lab Technician

Medical lab technicians spend their time in a lab away from people, performing tests. They use their knowledge to analyze the data. While there will be other employees at the lab, much of your time is spent working alone, so the amount of chit-chat is greatly reduced.

Freelance Blogger/Writer

Writing, in general, is a very independent activity. This also means that writing from home is a very doable thing. Being able to work from home means you can cut down the amount of time spent face-to-face with others to nearly zero. Most communications done will be over email and some over the phone.

Information Technology

The numbers of jobs in the information technology sector are growing. The jobs rely on computers to solve problems so much of the work can be done by telecommuting. Some IT jobs that are with a company may require more face-time fixing the other employees computers.

Film, Audio, or Video Editor

There will be interaction with other people, but a large portion of your time will be spent editing the project on your own. The bigger the project, the more time that will need to be spent alone editing.


While you may not be making the big bucks as an artist, the career can be rewarding in the sense that you are working alone, creatively. The flexibility to work where and when you want is also worth it for many people.

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9 Jobs for Those Who Prefer to Work Independently by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin