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What to Do If You Have No Experience Working in an Office

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Summary: This Q&A article answers whether you should apply for entry-level positions in office environments without any experience.


Question: I’m 27 and received a BA last year with a double major in English Literature and History. Initially, my plan was to become a teacher. But now, I’m more interested in publishing or public relations. Will employers think I’m qualified for even entry-level positions in these fields? I’ve worked in retail for 12 years, the last nine at a grocery store, so I have no experience working in an office environment. I feel very intimidated looking for a job. Should I just go back to education? Help!

Answer: The publishing and PR industries are aggressively hiring recent college grads, even those with little or no experience in the field. They’re especially eager to find bright, well-rounded applicants who have liberal-arts backgrounds. If you’re willing to accept an entry-level slot paying less than $25,000-a-year to start, you should have no problem. You’ll have to pay your dues and handle many boring assignments to start, but you’ll get your foot in the door and have a chance to make an impression on higher-ups. Just begin applying to print and online job listings, and the calls inviting you to interview will follow.

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